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UPDATED Friday, Nov 19 2010
My computer rankings use only wins (against Bowl Subdivision teams) and losses (all losses) to calculate how "good" a win is and how "bad" a loss is. Score, location, MoV, and the like are not considered.

This system is NOT trying to find out which team is "better" than the other, just what each team has accomplished to-date.
With this system, every team starts out with a rating of 1200 points and they gain or lose points based on their wins and losses
Underdog wins and favorties losing will change the rating greatly, while beating cupcakes or losing to a heavy favorite will change little if at all.

The only variable used in my formulas are wins and losses. Thats it. The score is never taken into account.

This is the CatastrophicAnnihilation.com top 25 for the 2010-2011 season
Rank LW Team              Record Rating

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